Daily Prompt: Faded ~ Making Trash into Treasure

Faded tends to be a term that we mentally associate with old, worn out, no longer useful, ready to be thrown away.

In my creative ventures those things that are faded, worn out, needing to be discarded, are actually repurposed into things of beauty, pleasure and service.  Truly trash to treasure transformations,  Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Faded ~ Making Trash into Treasure”

Design Inspiration: Butterflies and Flowers

An artisan derives inspiration from any of an unlimited number of sources.  For me, the most inspiring images are those of flowers and butterflies . . . and some of the photos my children have taken.

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The World is my Muse


The New Oxford American Dictionary defines ‘muse’ as:


a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist


Truly, I derive inspiration for my projects from the world around me.  From the beauty of God’s creation, through the perspective of those who have recorded it.

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