Daily Prompt: Faded ~ Making Trash into Treasure

Faded tends to be a term that we mentally associate with old, worn out, no longer useful, ready to be thrown away.

In my creative ventures those things that are faded, worn out, needing to be discarded, are actually repurposed into things of beauty, pleasure and service.  Truly trash to treasure transformations, 

. . . such as this rug . . .




. . . or this purse in progress.




I thoroughly enjoy the process of taking what would otherwise be discarded and giving it new life, a new purpose, and providing someone with not only an item they love, but a new perspective on what can be useful.

I hope you’ll stop back again to see what latest treasures I am creating, and please, if you are interested in owning one of them, be sure to visit my boutique to see what is currently available.


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