Pretty Princess Journal

In a previous post, I shared about a craft show I attended last month.  At this show I introduced a new product to my local market, the handmade junk journal, and I had several people stop and look through the journals, absolutely fascinated with the idea of these little gems. 

One sweet lady was thrilled to find them, as she was looking for a gift for her granddaughter who is in her early teens.  None of the journals I had on the table were quite the right fit for this young lady so I asked the grandmother some questions, and then pulled this journal out of my box.  It wasn’t finished yet, but I had taken it with me to work on while at the show.  I explained what my vision was for the design of the journal and that I could finish it and ship it to her if she was interested.  And she was!



Of course, that meant that when I got home, I had a creative block, and the cover just wouldn’t come together like I wanted it to.  I  tried to work a little on the elements, but had trouble with those, as well, I think because I was so worried that I wouldn’t come up with a cover design that I liked.

But perseverance paid off, the journal is now done, and my customer is so pleased that she has ordered three more journals!




Digital Paper: It’s the Magic: Fairy Tales Edition by Elif Sahin at

Stamps: Doodle This, Doodle That, Frames with a Flourish ~ all from Stampin’ Up!®

Punches & Die Cuts: Stampin’ Up!®



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