Daily Prompt: Slog

slog …

slogging …

slogged …


Just a few posts into my new blog platform, and the things of life hit full force and without mercy.

Thus I feel I’m slogging ~ “moving with difficulty or effort” ~ in all my efforts, recently, to be on track with a plan of action for this blog and my business.

As I read today’s word prompt and thought about the imagery of the word, in my mind I saw a picture of a man trudging down a sidewalk, carrying a briefcase, walking through misty, rainy fog.  The day’s work is done.  He is on his way home, but thoughts of his work, the weight of the responsibilities he bears on a daily basis are apparent in his stature, and what is seen is not satisfaction for the work accomplished, nor is it relief that the efforts of the day are put aside for a time of renewal and refreshment.

Then the mind picture faded into one of myself, and all the cares of my day to day responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and keeper of the home.  Those come first on my priority list, and always will.  And yet, there are days when they seem to drag me down and keep me from experiencing other aspects of who I am on a satisfying and fulfilling level.

Why?  I ask myself.  What can I do to change things? to have more balance and have my ‘slogging’ be “working hard over a period of time” resulting in satisfaction for things accomplished?

This may be the ultimate question for me, and perhaps other mom-preneurs.  I’m commited to finding the answer for myself.

First on the list is canning tomatoes.

Then I’m going to take stock of my yarns and see what inspiration I have as a result.

Two steps forward …. hard work ~ yes ~ but not too much difficulty or effort.


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