Linen & Lace

If I were to describe myself in the language of textiles, I would say that I am linen and lace, with a few denim days thrown in here and there.

I have been fascinated with lace since a very young age.  It is one of the main reasons I wanted to learn to crochet.  I wanted to be able to create the lovely, and sometimes lavish, trims I saw as edgings on pillow cases and antique clothing, as well as the beautiful doilies found scattered throughout homes in years gone by.

Linen has a wonderful affinity for lace.  It can be used to create the lace itself; or, linen fabric, when edged with lace, can be a most serviceable, yet beautiful and elegant item for the home or wardrobe.  The high natural lustre of the fiber makes linen an excellent choice for stylish garments and accessories, and while there is a little bit of effort involved in caring for linen, the results are well worth it.

Denim is another fabric that I pair unabashedly with lace.  The addition of lace can lift denim from the lower echelons of fashion to a be a classy, and even sophisticated, statement.  And yet, you know that if you have a ‘down and dirty’ job to do, denim will hold up to the task.

Refined but sturdy, tougher than you would expect, able to do the job with a little extravagance thrown in ….

Linen & Lace ~ That’s me.




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